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Porsche…because there is no substitute

Hi there, I would just like to introduce myself and my team. We are all avid Porsche enthusiasts with many years of experience behind us, from driving the cars, to dismantling the cars, to repairing with Porsche parts and obviously talking about them at every possible opportunity. Being a Porsche specialist breakers & dismantlers allows us to to concentrate on working on Porsche and only Porsche...which suits the team just fine. We can indulge our passion for the marque & also meet fellow enthusiasts at the same time!

I stumbled into Porsche ownership quite by accident.  Being a fully qualified mechanic by trade, I fancied ‘working on a project’ and bought an early custom painted non-running Porsche 944.  Obviously being a mechanic this project would be an inexpensive doddle… or so I thought… the vehicle was a complete dog’s dinner, so I opted to dismantle it and salvage whatever Porsche parts/self respect that I could.  This was the beginning of my Porsche used parts adventure.

We are a small enthusiastic team who will try and help you all we can with Porsche parts, advice, general chit chat and cups of tea.  You can follow the exploits of the team via our blog, enjoy.

Best Regards

Mac McGovern


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